Grace Tame Blasts Her Childhood Abuser For Allegedly Posting A String Of Threatening Tweets

grace tame childhood abuser alleged threats

Former Australian of the Year and fierce advocate for sexual assault survivors Grace Tame has blasted her childhood abuser after he fired off a bunch of tweets allegedly about her at the weekend.

Tame shared screenshots of several posts from Nicolaas Bester — who has since had his Twitter account suspended — where he allegedly referred to Tame by her childhood email address and will come for her in “good time”. He seemed to be counting down to a “comeuppance”.

“This has been the reality for 12 years now, behind closed doors for my family and me,” Tame wrote.

“Mark my words, I’m not going anywhere though.”

The email address Bester repeatedly tweeted is the one Tame used as a child “which very few people know”. Tame said it was the login to her old Facebook account which they communicated through when she was 15 and he was in his 50s.

Tame alleged the countdown the account was waiting for coincided with the day she is set to release her memoir: September 27.

“He’s counting down to an act of revenge, planned for the day of my book’s release,” Tame alleged.

Tame alleged that Bester’s incessant posting about her is “targeted harassment of a known victim of his past crimes”. She claimed the tweets were designed entirely to cause her further harm.

Tame reported the tweets to the police, but admitted Australia’s “reactive justice system is too slow, and nothing’s changed.”

“This is an act of reclaiming my power against a predator operating in plain sight,” Tame wrote.

“I’ve written openly about how he groomed me into believing I was infatuated with him. Such is the insidious spell. It’s a much safe narrative to live with that you’re loved than control the reality that you’re the object of an abuser who doesn’t care about you.”

Tame said that after years of growth and studying to understand child grooming and power imbalances she is no longer ashamed of her past.

“But he should be,” she wrote.

“He was an adult who abused his authority.”

Tasmania Police’s Acting Assistant Commissioner Stuart Wilkinson told PEDESTRIAN.TV they are aware of Tame’s complaint.

“Tasmanian Police can confirm Ms Tame has made a complaint about the behaviour of an individual on a social media platform however we cannot provide further details for legal reasons,” he said.

“Tasmania Police is assessing the complaint and Ms Tame has been provided with advice.

“Where an investigation leads to a person being charged, a charging statement is released where it is in the public interest.”

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