There’s a wild video doing the rounds of a Gold Coast influencer supposedly getting busted doing a photoshoot at some bloke’s mansion without permission, but something seems amiss here.

Nick McDonald, the guy who owns the $4 million luxury Palm Beach residence, supposedly caught influencer Holly Cheesman via his home’s CCTV camera using his home as a photoshoot location.

You see, the guy had installed a leafy backdrop on his property which has become an influencer hotspot.

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, McDonald said he “pulled up and they kind of smiled and said, ‘You don’t mind if I get some photos here, do you?’ then kept at it.”

In the CCTV footage, the influencer appeared startled and pulled her pants up to cover her bikini as the homeowner arrived.

McDonald admitted he “knew what he was in for” when he installed the greenery.

“We designed it so it would be show-stopping,” he said.

Since then, he says a bunch of “pretty ballsy” peeps have been spotted taking snaps at his home, including the influencer.

Here’s Holly’s snap from the sneaky occasion:

The story has been picked up by both local and international outlets, including Daily Mail Australia, LADBible and the Daily Star in the UK.

That being said, there’s been some doubt cast on TikTok as to whether or not this story is legit.

Aussie PR queen Kat O (@justanotherprgirl) shared a TikTok in which she pondered whether or not there’s more to this story.

“This smells of PR and there’s a few dead giveaways,” she said in the TikTok.

First up she pointed out the fact that the home is for sale and the article boasts about the features of the property and includes stunning interior and exterior pics as if it’s a property ad.

She said another “dead giveaway” is the fact that the article “mentions the construction company, and the agent is quoted throughout it and also the owner.”

And finally, she said there are obvious benefits for the budding Gold Coast influencer as she’s “gotten national media attention and she’s been able to propel her personal brand into national press.”

Holly has 13k followers on Instagram which sounds like a lot to us mere mortals but in the influencer world, she’d be considered a micro-influencer and therefore this story would grant her exposure.

It’s worth noting that Kat isn’t throwing shade at the influencer, the property owner or the agent, quite the opposite.

She said they’ve done a “wonderful job” at getting the word out about both the gorgeous property and the influencer.

Have a watch of her full vid below and remember to question literally everything you see online:


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