Legitimate Aussie Hero Gocsy Just Got Booted Off Twitter For, Ah, Calling Mr Bean A Kent (???)


I’m not going to pretend like I understand Twitter, I simply don’t. It’s a mystery to me – every day something happens on there that makes me sigh very hard. Take today for example, when I found out Twitter decided to suspend the account of Aussie comedian and blessed man Aaron ‘Gocsy’ Gocs for calling Mr Bean a kent. I just – what???

It all started after Twitter user @hingo, not to be confused with Triple J‘s Michael Hing (@hingers), said “England is the only country where a man like Mr Bean could have his antics go unpunished.”


Well, the English do hate making a scene. And all Mr Bean does is make a scene, usually at the expense of something expensive or some poor stranger nearby.

That’s his bit.

So, Boonta Vista podcast host and beloved idiot whom we let run rampant on this very website, Ben McLeay, responded to the tweet writing: “instead of being politely passive aggressive to him while he destroys the town, in Australia he would be glassed.”

Harsh, but probably true.

Then Gocsy chimed in: “seen that c*** in the park making his lunch, fucks sake make it at home c***”.

And just like that, his account was suspended.

In a screenshot of the suspension notice, shared by Triple M‘s Rudi Edsall, Gocsy was told his account had been binned for violating the Twitter Rules.


According to Twitter, Gocsy had violated its rules against hateful conduct.


“You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease,” the notice read.


Like, out of everything you can spout on Twitterthis is what gets you suspended.

Gocsy’s very odd suspension has sparked a little pushback on Twitter from mates and fans who think the bloke has been punished for no reason.

“This joke about the response to Mr Bean if he was Aussie got Australia’s best mate Gocsy suspended from Twitter,” Edsall tweeted. “Come on @TwitterSupport, give us back our cultural icon.”

As bloody random as this is, a forced week off Twitter right now might be good for the soul.

ANYWAY, at least we still have Instagram.