Winning the Triple J Hottest 100 is a double-edged sword for the boys from Glass Animals. That’s because they promised to get Australia tattooed on their asses if they won.

The band made the promise back on January 13 and it would be a bad look to go back on it. So get your buts into gear, boys.

Triple J didn’t let them forget it either and when they spoke to frontman Dave Bayley after the win, they probed him about his assy-promise.

Bayley said he was “open to suggestions” on what tattoo to get, and that he’d need to now “call [his] mum and tell her about this tattoo.”

Aussies are now also getting around the idea on Twitter, so Glass Animals your ass is ours now.

It’s not the first time the UK band has experienced some very weird online attention. Basically Heat Waves has become the soundtrack to a horny Minecraft fan fic and let me repeat that again: A HORNY MINECRAFT FAN FIC.

Yeah fans of the fanfic have been spamming anything to do with the track Heat Waves, commenting “dnf”, “I burn you?” and “You melt me.”

According to Triple J themselves, “dnf” is short for “Dreamnotfound” – which is the ship name for Minecraft YouTubers Dream and Georgenotfound.

The fanfic is by tbhyourlame, who has also encouraged fans to listen to the rest of the Glass Animals album, Dreamland.

But it looks like the band are all for this strange but more or less positive support, and god I love the internet.

“The song means a huge amount to me….but…it means a million times more seeing people make it their own…finding their own meaning, reinterpreting it through their own art, animation, photography, dance, covers, remixes, stories, poems, clothing…..and of course sea shanties,” wrote frontman Dave Bayley.

Oh yeah, and people are making sea shanties out of the track too…

Image: Instagram / Glass Animals