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Olivia Marcus is a viral TikToker who creates cute little New York City video diaries. In a recent video, she filmed her perfect day alone in NYC. However, she was slammed online because apparently people aren’t allowed to have nice things, even if they’ve earned it.

The OG TikTok was shared by prominent culture writer Ej Dickson who wrote that the vid gave her a panic attack (probably because it looked like Olivia spent a lot of money in one day). Not long afterward, a lot of people on Twitter came for the TikTokers neck. But Olivia has balls, and hit TF back.


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Most of the backlash was from people who thought she was flexing how much money she had. Unfortunately, the internet loves to take things wayyyy out of context, and people who aren’t familiar with her videos were unaware that she doesn’t always splash that much cash on the daily.


A true nyc treat yourself day! #nyc #fashion #shopping #staycation @gelidbeauty

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“I gotta get back on poor people TikTok,” one person wrote.

“This was probably about a grand or two lmao,” said another.

People also questioned the timing of the video, considering the times we are in.

“A little tone deaf for the times we’re in but go off sis,” they wrote.

But look at it this way: it’s the equivalent of saving your hard-earned dosh and going on a nice holiday. If anything, Olivia’s perfect day is a great alternative to going on a fancy holiday overseas, especially because no one can right now.

Understandably, even a holiday in your own city is not a viable option for some people. But Olivia has also made a budget-friendly version, and to be honest this day looks way more fun to me.


Fun day in NYC on a budget ???? #nyc #DailyVlog #soho #eastvillage #manhattan #newyorkcity #fashion

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Aside from that one video (which I honestly didn’t think was bad at all) most of her videos are really wholesome. Taking yourself out for the day SHOULD be more normalised. You don’t need other people to have fun, periodt.