Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland is officially out of prison and back wreaking havoc on the internet. Billy has been uploading regularly on TikTok and was recently Stitched by one of his old co-workers, Mr Save The Day By All Means Necessary himself, Andy King.

In a video titled “Some FYRE Festival PTSD stories that you’ve never heard”, Andy cheekily cuts off one of Billy’s videos where he attempts to draw a graph with “fuck around” on the x-axis and “find out” on the y-axis.

It’s almost like Billy’s pretending he hasn’t just come out of prison for millions of dollars in fraud and is instead trying to meme his way back into the conversation.


Some FYRE Festival PTSD stories that you’ve never heard. #fyre #billymcfarland #fyrefestival

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“Yep, you definitely eff’d around. And there’s a lot that people should find out,” begins Andy, responding to Billy while sitting in a very boujie-looking armchair.

Andy then goes on to tell the true story behind the infamous cheese sandwich that became a symbol for the festival’s downfall.

According to Andy, it was actually he who sent the first wave of drunken festival attendees towards the staff tent for a cheese sanga.  Almost immediately after, 600 more people hopped in line.

Andy believes it was one of these people who posted the original sad sandwich pic to social media. A pic that ended up convincing performers the festival was going to be an absolute horror show.

So, that’s Andy’s side of the story, what’s Billy’s TikTok content like?

Well, he has been documenting his latest “business” (and I use that word loosely) called PYRT and pronounced “pirate”.


For all of those that either love to hate or genuinely support me… THIS is what I’ve been working on. THIS is what will clear the air. THIS IS PYRT @PYRT 🏴‍☠️ 🏴‍☠️

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I did my best to get through the full video but it really was just a whole bunch of buzzwords and marketing jargon.

It’s supposedly a VIDR which stands for “virtual immersive decentralised reality”.

See what I mean? All buzzwords, no substance.

Billy also operates an Instagram account which he uses to attract people to his “PYRT crew”. Oh no.

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So there you have it.

That’ll just about do it for Billy McFarland updates… For now, that is.

I’m sure that scallywag will find his way back into the news cycle again sometime soon.