A US Flight Attendant Has Figured Out How To Get Ppl To Watch The Safety Demo & I Can’t Look Away

A flight attendant on US carrier JetBlue Airways has caused a little bit of turbulence online for his demonstration, nay, performance, of the on-board safety information. Maybe America is the greatest country in the history of the world after all?

Peter Echevarria put on a Broadway-level performance on a flight from Newark, New Jersey to Tampa, Florida to a crowd that wasn’t nearly as appreciative as it should’ve been.

I suppose Tampa, Florida isn’t exact a progressive melting pot of creatives and theatre-lovers…


Fly Jet Blue also give this guy a raise #fyp #jetblue

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The video, which has clocked over two million views on TikTok since being posted a couple of days ago, shows Peter giving it the hottest of red hot cracks.

All your (least) favourite on-board safety instructions are yassified before your very eyes such as “put the strap around your waist”, “do not inflate your vest inside the plane”, and “this airbus A310 as eight emergency exits”.

TBH, I’d forgive Jetstar for all the flights it had ever delayed if it incorporated this level of slé into its safety demos.

The comments section also provided a healthy selection of positive responses with various users writing, “I’m drowning bc i will not remember that”, “Bruh, when he slid out of frame” and “if this don’t work out he’d have a great gig as a mime”.

Hard agree 3x.

Here at PEDESTRIAN.TV we write a bunch of articles about airlines, planes and flight attendants including some juicy yarns on their respective incomes.

We actually just wrote a salary-scoop this week which you should totally check out here.

All I’ll say about our friend Peter here, is that whatever he’s getting paid, double it. Triple it. Quadruple that shit.

My fingers are crossed that the right people lay eyes on this video and he gets the exposure he deserves.

I wanna see this flight attendant hosting Saturday Night Live by next week.