If you haven’t already spent your morning feverishly trying to reset your apps, I’m sorry to confirm that Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp were down, and are only just slowly starting to come back online. As with any kind of shared experience, boundless memes are being shared, and they all sprung up on one of the only platforms that survived the huge blackout: Twitter.

A global outage affected tens of millions of users, including you and me, which meant we couldn’t lie in bed endlessly scrolling until we absolutely had to get up.

As everyone started running to Twitter to find out what the fuck was going on, the people who inhabit that corner of the internet went wild. So while we can’t scroll through Instagram and laugh at all the memes, I’ve gathered them here for you.

Enjoy your scrolling – I hope this helps you feel like you’re on Instagram for a hot minute.

While the huge social media platforms were down, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg reportedly lost around AUD$8billion from his personal fortune, as his company’s stock plummeted. At least we can still be rich in memes about Instagram and Facebook, while Zucc is a little bit less insanely rich than he was yesterday.

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp seem to be returning and allowing people to post and load content (read: memes) again, but for a brief moment this morning we were all free from boomer relatives posting minion memes and sharing incredibly incorrect chain mail on Facebook.

Can we go back to that please, Mark? Just leave us with our group chats on Messenger and maybe Facebook Marketplace, and take the rest.

Image: Getty Images / Kevin Dietsch / Twitter / @benschwartz_