This Brissy Drag Queen’s Operatic Lip Sync To The White Lotus S2 Theme Song Is Truly Iconic

A Brissy drag queen has gone and done the absolutely iconic: a lip sync performance to The White Lotus Season Two theme song. I will be recreating it while watching the season finale next week.

Henny Spaghetti shared a video of their frankly legendary performance on TikTok and Instagram, where it quickly racked up the likes. As is deserved.

In the routine, Henny did some very impressive operatic lip-synching.

She also managed to incorporate the scene where hotel manager and lesbian icon Valentina (Sabrina Impacciatore) asked Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) if she was going for a “Peppa Pig” look.

It’s basically the stuff of drag dreams.

Explaining the inspo behind the performance, Henny told PEDESTRIAN.TV she was “obsessed with the show like literally everyone else”.

“I wanted to pay tribute to the show and I think Mike White deserves EGOT status just for how good the theme music is,” she said.

“I had to include the Peppa Pig line, it was such a moment.”

Henny said they also wanted to dress as the simply iconic Tanya “and really play up how absolutely camp she is!” It is true: Jennifer Coolidge is the one and only queen of camp.

The White Lotus Season Two’s theme song was created by Cristobal Tapia de Veer and it features the incredibly impressive vocals of Stephanie Osorio, a Colombian Canadian singer.

According to Buzzfeed, Osorio held a long, single note which Tapia de Veer then sampled and manipulated using a keyboard.

“You really recognise it as a human voice — it doesn’t sound like a robot — but the notes are very hard to do,” Tapia de Veer said.

“If you try to sing it, you realise there’s something wrong. There’s something weird going on, so it’s kind of otherworldly.”

Since Henny shared the video of her performance, it’s blown up online.

“I hope the crowd understand they just witnessed high art! Like I would be losing my mind,” one TikTok user commented.

Someone else commented to say the performance had convinced them to set The White Lotus theme song as their ringtone. So fair, though I reckon it could be a bit jarring in the midst of a work meeting.

Henny said a number of Americans in the TikTok comments had been confused about why no one was tipping her in the video. Given the subject matter of The White Lotus, you might expect it to be raining dollars. I absolutely know Daphne (Meghann Fahy) would tip.

“[It was] so funny because it’s a very uncommon practise in Australian drag culture,” Henny explained.

“If you wanna make sure a drag queen is getting the love they deserve, go to a show!”

Henny added they hoped they’d get to perform the number again but would “probably like to add something more to it”.

I truly cannot think of anything more fun than losing my absolute gourd to this on a night out.

Now excuse me while I practise my opera vocals in the shower.