That Viral Man-Hating, Children-Hating, Neurotic, Demonic Chihuahua Finally Got Adopted


Good news, folks: Prancer, the man-hating, children-hating, neurotic, demonic Chihuahua, has been adopted. And yes, he has an Instagram page now.

Prancer first shot to fame earlier this month when his adoption ad went absolutely boonta online for how fucking funny it was.

The demon’s former foster mum, Tyfanee Fortuna, posted a very honest description of Prancer to Facebook, admitting it was impossible to make him sound “palatable” because he is simply an evil gremlin.

“But I have to believe there’s someone out there for Prancer, because I am tired and so is my family,” Fortuna wrote.

Enter Ariel Davis.

Davis brought Prancer home last week, making the journey from New Jersey to Connecticut.

Prancer looks so thrilled, hey?

In the adoption ad, Tyfanee Fortuna described the two-year-old pup as a “Chucky doll in a dog’s body”.

“He’s literally the Chihuahua meme that describes them as being 50% hate and 50% tremble. If you’re intrigued and horrified at how this animal sounds already, just wait… there’s more.”

Turns out Prancer had been owned by an elderly woman, who treated the dog like a human and never socialised him.

“Sprinkle in a little genetic predisposition for being nervous, and you’ve concocted a neurotic mess, AKA Prancer,” Fortuna said.

I think my favourite description of the Chihuahua is a “vessel for a traumatised Victorian child that now haunts our home”.

Also, this bit: “You know that episode of The Office where Michael Scott silently whispers ‘I’ll kill you’ to Toby? That’s Prancer having to begrudgingly coexist with everyone when I’m around.”

Read the full adoption ad below.

That first picture still makes me laugh so hard.

Fortuna has since taken to Facebook to thank the world for its support and to admit that yes, she does miss Prancer, despite his adoption feeling like she expelled herself of a demon. Her words, not mine.

“In closing, we do miss Prancer and he was loved here despite his quirks,” she wrote.

“I have a lot of experience with toxic men, so it was easy for me to overlook his malicious tendencies and love him anyway. However, being relieved of the constant haunting of a Victorian child has me sleeping easier.”

Happy days.