Demi Adejuyigbe Dropped A New ‘September 21’ Video & It’s Dead-Fucking-Set His Best One Yet

21 september Demi Adejuyigbe

The 21st of September may have passed for us here in Australia, but it’s still ringing out on the other side of the world – namely in the US where writer and comedian Demi Adejuyigbe is living. And since it’s now the 21st of September in the US, he has blessed us with the sixth instalment of his long-running 9/21 videos.

In what was meant to be potentially the last video of him dancing to a cut-up remix of Earth, Wind & Fire‘s September, Demi truly pulled out all the bells and whistles and confetti, including a whole bedroom setup, a trombone, a plane (???), a billboard, some incredible camouflage, and a tambourine.

You know what? Just watch it.

To celebrate the fact that he’s now done this for five years running, and they always seem to rack up millions of views (I mean, it’s clear why), Demi decided to put his platform to good use this year and laid down the gauntlet. Raise $50k ($69 AUD, nice) for his chosen charities, and he’ll make another video.

In nine hours since uploading the video, the Action Network fundraising site went down due to heavy traffic, and he’s raised $167k USD/$231k AUD and counting. Holy shit this is incredible.

The money raised will be split between several US charities, including Street Watch LA, Trans United Fund, BlackRoots Alliance, National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, and the SELAH Neighbourhood Homeless Coalition in Los Angeles.

But just as importantly, someone documented the moment the fundraiser hit the very nice number of $69,420 USD.

So now that the fundraiser has hit well over the initial goal and the promise of a 2021 video, we’ll have to see what the fuck Demi’s going to do to celebrate the incredible generosity of everyone who is utterly obsessed with his annual celebrations of the 21st of September.

Let’s hope that him buying short-form video platform Quibi was only half a joke because if anyone could revitalise the Vine community, it’d be Demi and his housemate, Gabe Gundacker (whom I also adore terribly).

Until then, let us take a moment to revisit the videos of years gone by, because they’re all perfect pieces of content.

2016: a humble but wonderful first celebration.

2017: a step up, includes a fancy red curtain and some confetti.

2018: the gang’s all here.

And 2019: one of the best entrances and single-take videos known to all mankind.

Once more Sisyphus rolls the boulder up the mountain.