In news that proves 2021 is definitely a fever dream, Crazy Frog — of all things — is now getting death threats.

The official Crazy Frog Twitter account has posted a nine-tweet-long statement begging people to pwease stop sending hate over the creator’s decision to turn the funky little amphibian’s iconic music into NFTs. Which I know I shouldn’t laugh at, because (almost) no one deserves hate, but for some dystopian reason this is absolutely sending me.

“Hello, everyone,” the first tweet in the series begins.

“We would like to start this message by acknowledging that while we appreciate all the valid criticism toward NFTs, sending us death threats and other nasty things to our email isn’t cool or productive.”

Btw, an NFT is essentially a unique cryptocurrency token that can take the form of pretty much anything digital and can’t be traded. We have an excellent breakdown on what exactly NFTs are and how they work here.

The statement continues to point out that the Crazy Frog account isn’t run by creator Erik Wernquist, but by fans of the chaotic froggy, who obviously don’t have control over the creative direction of the character.

“Also, we’ve noticed confusion about our positions, some even assuming we are the ‘Crazy Frog creators.’ We, the social media guys, don’t have any control over NFTs or other decisions. We’re just fans of Crazy Frog like you all.

“Nobody is forcing us to like each other’s ideas and the producer isn’t pressuring the creators. The creator is the producer. He’s in charge and we just follow. Please stop spreading this myth, as it’s blatantly untrue.”

In case you’re wondering where all this wacky drama has come from, it was recently revealed that Crazy Frog is going to release music as NFTs on the Metabeats network, an NFT marketplace. Again, I refuse to comprehend this on any higher levels of extraction.

People generally have issues with NFTs because they’re mostly just a meaningless symbol of ownership (lemme just right-click and save), and they have a massive toll on the environment, with corporation-level carbon footprints.

Don’t understand how something digital can fuck with the planet like that? Same, but there’s a good explainer about that here.

The statement then goes on to defend Crazy Frog’s NFTs as more environmentally friendly than the likes of Ethereum, which I won’t even pretend to understand.

Anyway, all I and Crazy Frog have to say to the haters is this: bing bing.