The Harvard Grad Targeted By Trolls For BLM Stance Made Her Death Threats Into A Phone Case

On Wednesday July 1, Claira Janover went viral because of a #BlackLives Matter TikTok that right-wing media outlets used to scapegoat her, and suggest that the BLM movement is violent.

But Claira Janover has managed to find the humour in the thousands of death threats she received for her controversial post, and made the threats into a phone case. Yes, a phone case.

In the caption Janover wrote: “I’m the type of person who designs herself a chaotic phone case memorializing the even more chaotic series of unfortunate events that millions of ppl witnessed me go through, that i am still very much trying my best to navigate. & im okay w that.”

“stay empowered libs,” she added.

So for context, this is the original TikTok that caused the media frenzy initially and spurred thousands of hateful messages.

“The next person who has the sheer nerve, the sheer entitled caucacity to say all lives matter. Imma stab you, imma stab you and while you’re struggling and bleeding out I’m going to show you my paper cut and say: ‘my cut matters too,”‘ Janover said in the TikTok.

So for some reason, a TikTok that was making a very valid analogy about Black Lives Matter vs All Lives Matter got mistaken for a death threat (ignoring the point she was actually making). Hm funny how the same people who got offended by a ‘death threat’ sent death threats themselves.

Shortly after the TikToks went viral, Claira Janover began trending on Twitter because right-wing users were petitioning for her to get fired.

Not long after, Janover was actually fired from her job at Deloitte.

But, Janover didn’t let it stop her and she continued to use her platform to spread awareness about Black Lives Matter.

She also wrote a detailed article about her experience, titled: ‘What Happened to Claira Hanover’, that you can read here.

Now in the ultimate fuck-you to the people who tried to control her identity, she’s taken back her own narrative and worn it with pride.