Law & Order’s Christopher Meloni (aka Elliot Stabler) addressed a viral image circulating of his thicc booty, and admitted he really is packing that cake.

Meloni played the thicc detective on Law & Order: SVU from 1999 until 2011. However, after ten years he recently reprised his role as Elliot Stabler for Law & Order: Organised Crime. He will also return to SVU for a crossover episode, reuniting with co-star Mariska Hargitay. But it looks Hargitay got an extra surprise, and that was Meloni’s phat ass.

The big bootay was spotted by a fan in Park Slope (a neighbourhood in NYC) where they were filming an ep of SVU. Shortly afterward, Chris Meloni started trending on Twitter, because everyone wanted a piece of that cake. Yumma.

The comments have literally sent me to Uranus…they are just that good.

Not the protractor on the booty. I-I-I-can’t…

Meloni took to Twitter to address the viral photo and admitted that yes, at 60 years old, he is still packing it “big boy” style.

He also addressed the fact that his dump truck is trending, and called his own butt cheeks “Melonis”. I actually love him so much.

To be honest, it’s not the first time people have noticed Meloni’s…ahh…Melonis. In a Buzzfeed video, he read out some of the thirstiest tweets directed at his badonkadonk, and seriously…some of these people need Jesus.

Can someone tell me why I’m so attracted to a 60 year old man? Maybe I need Jesus?

In the criminal justice system, Christopher Meloni’s cheeks are considered especially heinous. These are their stories…dun…dun.

Image: Getty Images / NBC