Americans Are Melting Down Over What We Call A ‘Chicken Burger’ Like Their Food Isn’t Mid At Best

In yet another piece of evidence that America, the “greatest country in the United States”, is doomed to crumble in the next five years, US netizens are currently in a war with Australians over the fact that we call a chicken burger by those two very words. The entire debate has led many to ask the question of our American friends: what else do you want to bloody call it then?

The entire debate started over on X (formerly Twitter), where one user posted a photo of a piece of chicken with pickles and sauce wrapped between two buns and made a statement that sparked furious international tension.

Most decent and civilised people of the world would look at the food item the American user shared a photo of, identify it as a burger with chicken in it, and therefore call it a “chicken burger” — because that’s what it is.

Sure, it’s not a creative name. However, it identifies the two main components correctly and creates a conjunctive term to label their combined product. 

Yet apparently, that sort of complex thinking just isn’t good enough for our American friends.

“Learned today that Aussies call this a ‘chicken burger’ and about had an aneurysm,” the X user wrote.

Pictured: A chicken burger, and an incorrect American. Source: X.

In America, this type of food is called a “chicken sandwich”, as opposed to a burger. 

This is because the name there is based on how the meat is prepared, as opposed to in Australia and most other parts of the world which name it after the type of bun.

This sole Tweet, though from a small account with only a few hundred followers, was picked up by the X algorithm and seen by 14 million people from all around the world.

Most of whom then took it upon themselves to correct the ill-informed chicken-burger-denialist.

Others took this as an opportunity to highlight how America is doomed as a nation due to its citizens’ inability to comprehend that not everyone talks exactly how they do.

And of course, for good measure, there was a fair amount of people doing the typical highlighting of America’s own confusing linguistic choices

This much criticism of the original post must have then made the original American realise their mistake, and regret trying to start a fight with 25 million people at once, and so not only did they remove the original Tweet, but their entire account.

To which the larrikins of Australian Twitter took as a sign of cultural superiority, and proceeded to celebrate.

The way I see it, this tale has two morals.

The first is that you should never try and mock a culture for the way they name something, particularly if it is a food given how close cuisine and national identity are linked.

The second, and more important: it’s called a chicken burger. End of story.