A Sydney Tenant Found A Facebook Group Full Of Property Managers Talking Shit About Her

A Sydney tenant alleges she has discovered a Facebook group that is full of NSW property managers talking shit about her. Don’t you just love the real estate scene in this country?

Writer and TikToker Chantelle Schmidt exposed the public group chat in a TikTok, revealing messages that she claims said she was “clogging up” their feeds and “annoying” them, among other things.

In case you weren’t aware, Schmidt has been documenting her process of taking her landlord to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal on TikTok, making her a bit of a known figure in the real estate world. Schmidt was challenging her $350 weekly rent increase, and let others in on the journey so they could be more informed on the process.

“This is apparently a Facebook group for property managers in NSW,” said Schmidt in her video.

“This person has screenshotted a picture of my TikTok and said ‘If this is your tenant can you please PM me.’”

In the vid, Schmidt claimed the property managers accused her of pre-recording her videos for views and joked that she wouldn’t have content after the tribunal process was over.

“You’d think property managers of all people would understand that I wouldn’t be posting TikToks on the day of the tribunal hearing,” she said.

“This top contributor also thinks it would have been 100 per cent easier for me to vacate … what does that say about how difficult it is to fight for your rights as a tenant?”

For anyone playing along at home, Schmidt posted the final update on her journey in taking her landlord to the tribunal, with a lengthy six-minute video detailing the end results.

In the end, it seems the tribunal favoured her landlord, which sucks for Schmidt, but it was incredible to be along for the ride. Thanks to Schmidt’s vids I now know what the process of taking your landlord to court looks like — let’s hope I never have to, but I WILL be using these videos as a guide if I ever do.

Sure, I’m shocked at the alleged behaviour of the property managers who are hating on Schmidt, but if these claims are true, I am absolutely not surprised.

Image credit: TikTok / @chantellecschmidt