CCTV Footage Of A Dude Getting Knocked Out Cold By A Cat While His Dog Watches Has Gone Viral

A bizarre video has gone viral on Twitter showing the difference between cats and dogs. In the video a cat simply doesn’t give a toss, casually falling out of the sky and knocking a man unconscious. Then unbeknownst to the man, his dog comes out of nowhere wearing little doggie boots and tries to scare the cat and defend his owner.

The original video surfaced a month ago, but went bonkers recently when it was shared by @IAMNERDIShare on Twitter, and has since amassed 16 million views, and 1.1 million likes.

The video caused a lot of confusion online, like where the hell did the cat come from? Why is the dog wearing shoes? Why didn’t any of the bystanders bother to help the poor guy?

Of course, the post was also inundated with devilish cat-people trying to defend the cat. When will people learn that nothing good can ever come from cats? Cats the movie being a prime example.

All I have to say is of course their profile picture gives me massive furry vibes.

The CCTV footage came from China and the man seen in the footage was pensioner Gao Fenghua, according to The Sun. Fenghua had been taking a leisurely stroll in the city of Harbin in the north-eastern Chinese province of Heilongjiang, when he was attacked.

Fenghua then spent 23 days in hospital recovering in a neck brace. Aww that’s so sad. But thankfully he was discharged from hospital sometime last month.

So what about the cat? Well the cat fell from an apartment complex, but it was unclear what height the cat actually fell from. The owner of the cat then paid Fenghua for the damages caused by his ferocious feline.

One of the other many questions that came up in the replies on Twitter was why didn’t any bystanders come to the mans aid? According to some users, they thought it could be because they don’t have good Samaritan laws in China, although I don’t know how accurate that is.

Good samaritan laws “ensure that people who step forward to provide emergency medical assistance are not held legally liable for their actions provided they act in good faith.”

Arguably the most important question, and the only one I’m yet to find out the answer for is why is his dog wearing boots?

Maybe some questions are better left unanswered.