Meet Carol, The Literal Angel Who Sprayed Passers-By With A Hose During Sydney’s Heatwave

It’s been a scorcher of a weekend in Sydney. Stinkin’ hot. Unbearably warm, even. And yet these trying times have brought out the everyday heroes among us. People who go above and beyond to make a small difference in a lot of people’s lives. Enter: Carol.

Carol is the kind of person who puts out a bowl of cold water for the birds/possums/koalas to sip on days like these. She’s the one with the ice blocks after school. If Carol were a household appliance, she’d be a friendly fan or an affectionate air-conditioner. And in this case, over this past weekend, Carol quite literally is the kind of woman who’ll hose down random strangers in the street.

“This is Carol who lives just across from the pizza bar I work in,” wrote a TikToker who managed to film the spectacle of Carol’s ways.

“Today it was 41 degrees in Sydney and I saw her sprinkling water on everyone passing by. People like her give me hope for humanity.”

@sumiran.aPpl like Carol should exist more.❤️ ##fyp ##foryoupage ##fypシ ##sydney♬ TOM ROSENTHAL HOME COVER – Hannah West

Did she ask people before she sprayed them? Who TF cares?! It’s hot, so Carol took matters into her own hands because she clearly knows what’s best.

Suffice to say, Sydneysiders and Aussies in general are completely and utterly obsessed with this hose queen who is nothing short of wholesomeness incarnate.

“I’m not trying to be dramatic but I would die for Carol,” commented one person.

Another said: “I wish I could give her a bear hug.”

But perhaps the most profound comment, and a sentiment which was a running theme throughout the comments section, was a comparison to how different people have been reacting to this tumultuous year of ours.

“We need less Karens and more Carols,” the comment read. ‘Nuff said.

As the scorching summer days continue to roll on in, just remember: a stranger really is only someone who you have yet to help.