There’s Currently $200K Worth Of Bitcoin Up For Grabs So Nudge Your Crypto Bro
PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Finder to give you a bunch of free bitcoin.

At this rate, you don’t even need to know what bitcoin is to know you want to be involved.

There isn’t an hour that goes by without picking up your phone and watching another video of some crypto bro who’s lecturing you about the intricacies of all things bitcoin. And, there’s only so much content you can watch before you find yourself wanting to be a bitcoin bro, too.

Well, today’s your lucky day. Or, really, the next few week’s are your lucky weeks. The crypto connoisseurs over at Finder are running a Bitcoin Drop Party, so pry your eyelids open while I explain exactly what that entails.

There’s Currently $200K Worth Of Bitcoin Up For Grabs So Nudge Your Crypto Bro

It’s pretty simple, really. You don’t have to be some bitcoin bigshot to actually cop some freebies for yourself, either. Knowledge is power, but not a necessity.

Running until 5pm AEST on March 7th, people who sign up for Finder and join the Bitcoin Drop Party have the chance to get a slice of the $200k worth of bitcoin that Finder is dolling out.

It’s completely chosen at random, so you could win a coupla bucks worth of bitcoin, or a lot, lot more. It’s also worth noting that everyone who signs up will receive a certain amount of bitcoin, so really, there are no losers to be seen at this party.

To find the hefty prizes, however, you need to visit Finder’s socials or website to hunt down a Bitcoin Drop Party ticket (or scan a QR code from posters in the streets of Syd and Melbs). Or you can simply click on any of the Finder Bitcoin Drop Party banners you see on this page.

Once you’ve found a ticket, you’ll be taken to the promotional webpage, where you’ll get to flip a bitcoin and find out how much you’ve won. Keep in mind, you’ll need to download the Finder app and fill out your details, because randoms online can’t just be going about claiming bitcoin, y’know?

There’ll be a daily drop from the moment you sign up until March 7th, so if you wanna be eligible for those prizes, too, you’ve just got to buy a little crypto yourself on the Finder app or recommend a mate to join.

Easy, breezy, beautiful? Thought so.

Enjoy your internet money, crypto bros and broettes.

T&Cs and exemptions can be found here.

Image: Sillicon Valley