A QLD Best Man Proposed To The Father Of The Bride During His Speech… In Front Of The Mother

A bride looking shocked at her wedding, to depict a story where a best man proposed to the father of the bride.

In today’s absolutely wild wedding story, a Queensland woman said she witnessed a best man propose to the bride’s father… who was married and seated next to his wife. Honestly, how are you guys witnessing such chaotic events and how do I score an invite?

Queensland-based Triple M radio show Rush Hour with AB & Elliot had the pleasure of hearing this story live from a listener, who dished the hottest tea we’ve heard in a while.

The Mackay-based listener, who goes by Louisa, called up hosts Annabelle Brett and Elliot Lovejoy to tell the story of the spicy proposal.

Louisa said she’d been invited to the wedding by a mate whose date had bailed, meaning she didn’t know the people at this wedding personally.

She said the wedding was pretty uneventful — until the best man began his speech.

“The best man started talking about the love of his life,” she recalled.

“How this person had been an inspiration, how if they could, they would love to acknowledge their presence and one day marry them.

“And then he pointed to the bride’s father.”

Ummmm, WHAT. Of course, Louisa was immediately asked if the father was married.

She replied with a dramatic pause and then… “yes.”


“The mother of the bride did, very tactfully, throw a bottle of wine at the man,” Louisa continued.

“The bride and groom start crying and the best man is there on his knee with a ring for the father.”

A ring??? You mean this was planned, orchestrated even — that this groomsman really plotted to propose to the bride’s married father at his best mate’s wedding?!

If I was that bride I would be throwing hands, not wine bottles.

Louisa then went on to say that the father and mother of the bride divorced, and the father did actually marry the best man — who he apparently had been having “a secret affair with for about ten years”.

Obvs take this story with a grain of salt, because it does sound a little too similar to some Reddit posts I’ve read, but enjoy nonetheless because gossip is always fun regardless of its authenticity.

Anyway, if you need me I’ll be making friends with Queenslanders so I can be invited to these wild weddings. Top tier entertainment if you ask me.