As we all probably know by now, an earthquake did indeed strike Victoria on Wednesday morning shortly after 9am, sending a tremor through large parts of Melbourne, regional Victoria and surrounds, and lighting up group chats across the state.

Folks from as far as Canberra, Albury and Tasmania claim to have felt the tremors in the aftermath of the quake, which damaged buildings and shattered windows across Melbourne.

Even some folks in Sydney who desperately wanted in on the action claimed to have moved a single centimetre from their original standing point, which truly must have been hard for them.

Naturally, it wouldn’t be a shocking natural disaster without a litany of memes to come out of the whole thing, and folks on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram wasted no time in dropping their humorous takes.

Without further ado, let’s dive into some memes that left us positively shook, all pun intended.

Bonus points to this next three-word firecracker that has so many contextual layers, it contests with ‘baby shoes, never worn’.

This right here isn’t a meme, it’s a story of loss, victory, love and life.

It wouldn’t be a Melbourne affair if this pic of Dan Andrews didn’t pop up at least once.

The swift timing of some people was truly insane.

Brb, losing it over this one. If you know, you know.

And here’s a super spicy political version of an earthquake meme, from none other than David Sharaz.


Thank the heavens that Tony Armstrong was not harmed in the Victoria earthquake.

If you haven’t seen the footage of him reacting to the quake as it happens, please do yourself a favour and watch it here.

Although I’m just another Sydney gay myself, the official ‘another Sydney gay‘ account even dabbled in an earthquake meme, and it might just be my favourite out of all of them.


I’m ignoring the 5 different emergency helicopters outside my building ???? #melbourne

♬ original sound –

Thanks to the earthquake, I now know just how many Melburnians I follow.

You all raced to Twitter to have the first take to go online, didn’t you?

And as always, Brendan Maclean had the most poignant take of the day, which was still hella funny.

We stan, we stream his music, we shake our tables to feel included.

And to wrap up this collection of Victoria earthquake memes, (never thought I’d write that in my life) here’s the live reaction of Melbourne’s beloved peregrine falcons.

If you need me, I’m going to be screaming into my pillow. Can things just stop all happening at once?