In what seems like the plot of a John Green novel, an author has hidden a story in 1000 signed copies of his book The Apparition Phase.

Will Maclean signed 1000 copies of his book, but in each signed book he wrote one word. Basically, everyone who took home one of his signed books has a little part of a story, and OMG it’s so fucking cute.

A Twitter account called @lovedreadinthis is now on the hunt to find all 1000 of the hidden words, and it’s caused a nationwide scavenger hunt in England.

They have over 100 words now, but are still on the hunt for more. Unfortunately, this is all banking on the fact that the people who bought the book realise how special their copy is.

So how does the 1000 words actually come together to make a story? Well, according to Maclean himself, in order to find story the books would need to be put together in numerical order from 1- 1000.

Inside each book is a note on the exclusive edition and reads:

“Each one of these 1000 Goldsboro exclusive editions has one single word of that original piece written in them, dispersed among the people who own them. That piece of text is recorded nowhere else, but, collectively, in those 1000 editions. To read it, one would have to gather all 1000 copies together, put them in numerical order from 1 to 1000, and read the handwritten words therein.”

Whether those words will ever be brought together again and by what means, is not for me to say. But the unique piece of text will be out there, a clue to the meaning of certain events within the book, and its presence will hopefully add an extra dimension of mystery to the book itself.”

I’m so invested now. I just really need to know what the story says.