Aussie Redditors Are Debating What We’re Most Sensitive About & I’ve Never Been So Offended

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A group of Reddit users debated what Australians are most sensitive about and it’s really made me realise that we’re a very thin-skinned bunch of people.

The discussion took place on the Reddit page r/AskAnAustralian, which is oftean host to some interesting (albeit very niche) debates on things like whether or not lamingtons should have a layer of jam and which political speech from an Aussie is the best. I mean, that last one’s easy, it’s clearly Julia Gillard‘s misogyny speech. The multiverse shifted once those iconic words left her lips.

Here’s the question that got folks thinking about what touchy subjects make Aussies go feral:

What are Australians most sensitive about?
byu/truth_and_courage inAskAnAustralian

“Not getting a thank you wave, when we let someone through,” wrote one commenter.

“Call someone a dog or a grub and it’s fighting season,” said another.

“Tipping,” wrote a third.

All very good answers. Whenever someone doesn’t wave at me for letting them into a lane I immediately assume they’re a terrible, no-good person whose insides are dark and nasty.

Other answers on the Reddit thread focused on one of the most contentious topics on Earth: food.

“Parmi vs parma, potato cake vs potato scallop. There’s only one correct answer here,” wrote one Aussie.

“ANZAC Biscuits,” wrote another.

“Exactly. Don’t you dare add chocolate chips and have the audacity to call it an ANZAC biscuit,” another user agreed.

Other food-focused answers said that Aussies were sensitive about people having a vocal dislike of meat pies. There were also comments going back and forth about where tomato sauce is supposed to be kept (it’s the fridge, by the way).

“Cities, people will argue over which city is ‘the best’ for HOURS,” wrote one commenter.

“The origin of pavlova usually gets Aussies riled up, as well as who gets credit for Crowded House. It’s Australia on both counts by the way and I’ll be fucked if you can convince me otherwise,” wrote another.

Others used the opportunity to bring up the fact that a lot of Aussies have a problem talking about racism. White Australians absolutely have a complex about “not being the ones at fault”, especially when you DARE to call them “racist” or people inextricably benefitting from racism.

“Indigenous affairs,” wrote one user.

“Regardless of your politics, I’d say that’s the topic most guaranteed to get a response, and the most difficult to have a discussion about,” they continued.

“Australians acknowledging their country’s racist past and present,” wrote another.

The best part is nobody could get fired up and disagree or else they’d be proving the point that they do get sensitive about this stuff.

As a writer, I know how sensitive Aussies can be about all sorts of things. One thing we can all agree on though is that Vegemite is in fact eaten wrong by Americans and we are justified in being pissed off about it.

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