BOYS AT THE BACK: Why Are We So Obsessed With TikTokers Replicating Aussie Mums & Teachers?

What I find most fascinating about TikTok is the fact that there’s content for literally every niche, and I reckon my personal fave is Aussie teacher / mum TikToks.

It started off with just a few TikTokers, but now there’s a heap of pages that share vids replicating Aussie teachers and mums.

The top of the class, so to speak, is Sydney darling Millie Ford who’s had us loling for ages over her A+ content.

From her iconique “Ah, boys at the back!” war cry to her take on Aussie mums being annoying AF (bless ’em!), Millie has given us all a sense of unity by reminding us that we pretty much all had the same childhood.


what’s wrong, you look like you’ve seen a ghost 🍫 #rulebreak #kitkat #ad

♬ original sound – Millie Ford


it’s the clicking at me and expecting me to know what’s shes saying for me #mum #australia #phone #pov

♬ original sound – Millie Ford

Not only that, but she’s also branched out into other areas of the growing up in Australia experience, including her vids depicting employees from Boost and JB-HI-FI.

The below vids remind me of when my mum would slip me some dollarydoos to go buy a Mango Magic and a So Fresh CD, as long as I behave myself during our trip to Westfield.


bang 💥 bang 💥 bang 💥 bang 💥 #boost #juice #smoothie #australia

♬ Levitating – Dua Lipa


SO. MUCH. TAPPING. #jbhifi #retail #electronics #pov #australia #shopping

♬ original sound – Millie Ford

My other fave mum TikTok content comes via Brissy comedian Mel Buttle.

Mel has created a character named Lynne who works at doctor’s office, enjoys a tipple of wine on a Friday night, wants you to have a banana, ploise, and is very cross with you for missing your curfew.

I shit you not, I literally jump onto her page every single day and hit refresh in the hopes that she’s dropped another vid.

Every time she does, I stop what I’m doing and go to a quiet corner of the house to watch the vid on a loop for an instant dose of serotonin.

Sure, I could just call my mum and have her yell at me about the mess that I left in the kitchen back in 2010, but it’s way more fun to hear it from Mel… I mean Lynne.


Turn the tv off! We don’t want people thinking we sit around watching tv all day #foryoupage #fyp #australia #90smum

♬ original sound – MelButtle


Sorry we’ll need a minute I’ve just been here chatting away. #standupcomedian #australian #90smum #restaurant

♬ original sound – MelButtle

Given that these TikToks are designed to unlock memories where we got absolutely dragged for our bad behaviour, why on earth do we enjoy watching them?

You’d think we’d be happy to have left the ongoing scrutiny behind!

But I reckon at the root of all this is a sense of nostalgia. An echo from a simpler time where we didn’t have to stress about bills and politics and bloody COVID.

We were guided by our mums and teachers who nagged us because they wanted us to do better and actually had our best interests at heart.

I feel like we enjoy these vids because they’re a delightful throwback to a time in our lives when we were relatively drama-free.

And thanks to these TikTokers, we are able to travel back in time for 15 seconds – 2 minutes and swing to the sweet sounds of the nagging we once desperately tried to drown out.

Ah, those were the days…