Australia’s top security intelligence and surveillance agency, ASIO, has joined Twitter for reasons relatively unknown. Upon making its first tweet, the organisation has been absolutely rumbled by everyone on the bad bird website for making a light joke about government surveillance. And friends, it’s going the right way to being totally ratioed.

Posting up a tweet earlier today, the ASIO account said that they thought it would be “fun” for regular Aussies to follow them for a change. Instead of, you know, them following and keeping an eye on Aussies. Haha, it’s just a bit of fun, right mates?

It’s taken all of about an hour for people to run riot with the new account, and how worrying it is for an intelligence agency to have a Twitter account. We already know they’re watching us, why do they need to make tweets? What’s going on? Why are they making this a fun time cute content moment?

What did they expect with joining a site like Twitter and trying to be a Cute And Fun New Account? Everyone would be like “oh cool!” and follow them back without thinking about what exactly ASIO does as a government agency? That’s a surefire way to get yourself on some kind of list, I’ll tell you what.

Some people have taken this opportunity to ask the big questions though, which demand to be answered as soon as possible.

To the ASIO officer reading this: Hello, I hope you have a nice afternoon navigating this whole mess.

Image: Twitter