Friends, somewhere out there is a keyboard made out of teeny tiny clay models of food. It is simply perfection, it makes my heart swell, it is so beautiful. I want it, but only to gaze upon its glory. Come, let’s look at it.

Tiny, or @tinymakesthings on Instagram, makes artisan keycaps for mechanical keyboards.

“I wanted to combine my love for keyboards and also my passion for creating things. And that’s how I started making keycaps,” Tiny’s website reads.

Each food keycap represents a letter – S for sushi, for example.

Think L for Lemon, O for Oreo, and U for Unicorn Frappuccino – as in Starbuck’s Unicorn Frappuccino.

Tiny started the project in November 2019, using suggestions from her TikTok followers for what food she should create.

Pals, the attention to detail is simply exquisite.

Tiny even made the little pearls that go in the bubble tea for letter T, a whole bowl of ramen noodles for N, and Xiaolongbao for X. I haven’t had those beautiful little soup dumplings in so long.

Tiny completed her artisan food keyboard last month, but you can find the entire creative journey on her social platforms.

I can confirm it is the perfect lunchtime viewing, and Tiny also eats the actual food before she makes it.

@tinymakesthingsday 48 of making all my keycaps into food (would have done waffles if i didn’t already do it for W!)♬ Say My Name – Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike & Regard & Dimitri Vegas

This is absolutely an art project though, not a board to type on regularly – although you can as long as you know how to touch type.

Tiny tried typing on it, and achieved around 50 words per minute (her average is about 70 to 80).

@tinymakesthingsby popular request, ##typing on the food keyboard.. don’t think this counts as ##keyboardasmr haha♬ Lofi – Domknowz

Tiny, a legend, has compiled all the videos into a three-part series on YouTube. Or, you can watch the whole lot on TikTok. The choice is yours.

Or, if you’re slightly obsessed with the food keyboard now (me), Tiny has also uploaded this masterful video of herself going through every single letter and symbol.

She also does a typing test and answers questions about it.

I cannot express how bloody cool this is.

In case you were wondering, Tiny’s favourite key is the ramen noodle key. It’s a tiny bowl filled with green onions, egg, pork, fish cakes, and noodles. For the soup, Tiny used resin.

Tiny doesn’t know what she’ll do with the keyboard – lovingly nicknamed the Smorgasboard – so if you have any suggestions, let her know.

Apart from your usual social media platforms, you can also support Tiny on Twitch and Patreon. She doesn’t have a store, but she does sell tiny goodies from time to time. You can read more about that on her website, right HERE.

To conclude: Tiny rules. Also, I can’t help but look at my keyboard now and think it’s rather basic.


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My heart is full (of tiny Baby Yoda keycaps).

Image: TikTok / @tinymakesthings