I’m Simply Obsessed With This Chicago Man Who Live-Tweeted An AFL Game Last Weekend

afl live tweeting chicago jason quist

Sunday night’s crucial clash between the Collingwood Magpies and Carlton Blues may have been one of the most nail-biting games on the AFL home and away calendar this year. But there was something that made it all the more entertaining — an American guy in Chicago live-tweeted his thoughts about the sport as it was happening. I’m honestly obsessed with all of his wild takes on our gorgeous and ridiculous national game.

Jason Quist stumbled upon a stream of the game that had a nearly-full MCG up and out of its seats and decided to watch it to give his newcomer analysis on the match.

Look, the man’s not wrong. As someone who actually plays Aussie Rules football regularly, I am truly baffled by the sport at times. Sometimes even when I’m in the middle of a match and I’m just watching my teammates from deep in the forward line.

There are parts of this stunning sport that simply make zero sense but we just roll with it.

One thing Quist loved was the first bounce — something that must look simply borked without any introduction or context. I hadn’t ever really considered how dumb it must look to someone who’s never watched footy before.

Quist’s following live-tweeted thoughts were exactly how I imagined them to be.

He was baffled at the size of the ground and how much players have to run and the obvious change in tactics when the ball’s in a team’s forward 50. He was also obsessed with the way footy players contort their bodies like cooked ballet dancers to try and kick goals.

I’ll give it to him — this is probably the most accurate read of AFL that I’ve ever come across.

It really is like running a marathon during a fistfight. It’s all limbs and hands and people grabbing at you while you’re trying to run and kick or punch an egg-shaped ball. Doing all that in the rain? Nearly impossible.

The best part of it? Jason Quist is gonna be back to haphazardly follow the finals series with his limited AFL knowledge.

Hell, get this man in the commentary box, he’d be more entertaining than Wayne Carey.