TikTok Helps Identify Ambulance Australia’s Loose Unit & It’s Good To Put A Face To The Nostril

ambulance australia

Alright I’m going to be serious before jumping into this article for legal reasons. Drinking or snorting enough that you end up unconscious in a Fortitude Valley is extremely unsafe. Drugs are bad, mmmkay? But the video content is good, it seems.

Now that’s out of the way, there was a stunning moment on Ambulance Australia (Season 4 episode 4) a while back where the paramedics had the experience of meeting one very entertaining person. She was blurred out for obvious reasons pertaining to dignity and privacy but basically told all of the nation how good bags are. How good free bags are.

I know about this footage not because I have a TV with an antenna, but because a friend shared this TikTok with me. Ignoring the fact that I’m the person in the friendship group who gets sent TikToks about coke, the video truly is a masterpiece (if I do say so myself).

Racking up over 3million views so far on @thereallifemeggriffin’s TikTok account, the video replays the scene with text saying “I need to be friends with this girl. TikTok find her” over the top.

Why does she want to be friends with this person, you ask? Make your own conclusions by watching the video below.


Her ability to capture the mentality of so many Aussies in the way she says “I love a good bag” is outstanding. Truly. Logie nom for her. Also worth mentioning is the paramedic asking her if she only had one line. Congrats to anyone who can stop at one line but her response has bloody sent me: “Just as much as I can get for free.”

Anyway, TikTok has done the hard yards it seems, because the blurred face in question has now revealed her identity. And she shows the video she took in the ambulance so we can safely say this is legit. “That video is me. We can be friends,” she laughs at the end of the clip.


Good on her. I took the liberty of watching her scene in full on 10Play and am happy to report that the fun does not stop there. She proceeds to tell the paramedic about her OnlyFans account. She’s made $400K in six months. And gets bags for free.

I do not know the full context of this situation, obviously. But I hope she got the Maccas IN a bag rather than Macca’s AND a bag – which Rachel clearly recommended against.

Chantelle Schmidt is a freelance writer. You can follow her on IG here.