In yet ANOTHER absurd thing to add to your 2021 bingo,  Adam Driver transformed into a *checks notes* centaur in a leaked commercial and you bet the internet is losing their tiny little goddamn minds over it.

The leaked ad campaign is for Burberry‘s new cologne, called Burberry Hero, but who cares about that when there is a shirtless Adam Driver in the picture, right?

Basically, a sexy Adam Driver runs on a beach, lovingly strokes a horse in the ocean and then comes out the other side a centaur. Which, now that I’ve typed it out, has me wondering if he became a centaur by riding the horse literally or, you know, metaphorically… but I don’t want to think about that, so, MOVING ON.

You may be shocked that he would agree to this commercial, but I assure you, nothing is more on-brand for him than turning into a fkn horse. In fact, I’m shocked we haven’t seen him play a centaur before, because it just feels like that is what he was built for?

Which brings me to this meme, and now I am deceased.

Not everyone believes in Adam Driver supremacy it seems. Not that I care, but go off I guess.

Anyway, enjoy these internet users horsin’ around, because these memes have cent me.

I was wondering when those at the centre of the Adam Driver / Monster Fucker Venn diagram would speak up.

Sorry to break it to you, but it’s Adam Driver, so basically everyone is into this shit.

And for those of you who are about to climb out of your slimy little caves to tell me you think Adam Driver is ugly, I don’t care!! My attraction to him is endless and defies all of your logic!! Do you think I choose this life??? Just give up!!!