This Grot Video Of An ‘Acrylic Nail Removal’ Somehow Fooled Viewers Into Believing It’s Legit

acrylic nails tiktok

While TikTok is a wonderful app with millions of different videos to learn from, sometimes those “educational moments” on the app remind me men have no idea.

Take this video of acrylic nails. Until it surfaced, a terrifying number of men had no idea of the pain we go through just to have pretty nails.

The video, originally posted by @zachamela on TikTok, has quickly gone viral. And I am truly ashamed at how many of the men in my life, or just people with very little understanding of the beauty world, responded “REALLY?!” when I sent them this video saying that this is how nails are attached.

I mean, COME ON.

I’m really trying to give them some credit here, but this is simply too much for me to handle. Be! Better! I! Was! Joking!

Obviously, I know lots of men wear acrylic nails, and do you know what? This post isn’t about them because they are better than this. They would *never* believe this absolute garbage and, for that, I commend them.

If you’ve made it this far and you’re still confused, no, this is not how nails are attached and it is demonic to even suggest it. This is a practice hand that is used to help nail technicians perfect their craft.

Obviously, anyone who has ever had their nails done was quick to point out the stupidity here, you know, because I’m fairly certain shoving pieces of acrylic under your nail beds is legitimate torture.

Meanwhile, chaotic people chose ~violence~ and used the video as an opportunity to further confuse those who have never had their nails done.

Anyway, that’s enough internet for me for one day. If you need me, I’ll be getting my nails done (aka slid under my cuticles in the most torturous way imaginable).