The world collectively clenched as a mob of Pro-Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol in protest of Joe Biden‘s election victory. But thanks to social media, the whole thing has quickly become one big meme, with many finding humour in all of the chaos.

At around Wednesday midday (US time) hundreds of rioters/terrorists broke through the barriers outside the building and fought with police for 90 minutes. One guy in an un-ironic trucker cap even put his feet up on Nancy Pelosi‘s desk. While another, dressed like the lead singer from Jamiroquai, roamed around the joint holding a US flag.

Trump, of course, didn’t call on his supporters to cease the coup. He instead just told them to “stay peaceful” and called them “great patriots.” Uhhhh??

However, since that tweet, Twitter has finally put on their big-boy pants and hidden three of his recent posts. In a statement, Twitter said that any further breaches of its code “will result in permanent suspension of @realDonaldTrump account.”

Facebook also announced a “feature block” on Trump, which means that he will not be able to post anything on his FB page for 24 hours.

But will that even stop Trump? Probably not. I imagine his next move would be to descend the Capitol in a big fuck-off MAGA hot-air-balloon, while chanting his would-be tweets to his supporters.

The US Police Force have also been criticised for their lack of action amid a literal coup. Yikes.

But is anyone really surprised this happened?

God save our queen Demi (Poot) Lovato.

But Jamiroquai trending on Twitter (because of that one dude’s outfit) is possibly my favourite thing on the internet today.

When I imagined a Jamiroquai comeback, I never thought it would be this. But at least now I remember what a banger Canned Heat is.

Well it truly was a hot-mess, but at least no Australians were present…

Oh wait, I take it all back now.