Former One Direction star and Gigi Hadid’s baby daddy Zayn Malik has returned to Instagram with a teary-eyed selfie and fans simply must know what is up.

Just a week after One Direction’s 10 year anniversary, in which Zayn was notably absent, the star has finally broken his silence on the ‘gram. Well, sorta.

Malik, who is expecting a baby with supermodel and fellow beautiful human Gigi Hadid next month, took to Instagram to share a caption-less photo.

I have oh so many questions, but for starters: why is he crying? And, as a follow up, is he okay? Happy tears? Sad tears? We need answers!

In three hours, the photo has amassed nearly 3 million likes, which surely has to be some sort of record, right? Especially for a photo with absolutely no caption or context. This isn’t even a baby announcement (I don’t think), and he already has more likes than the entire population of Lithuania.

Fans immediately flooded the comments (and all of Twitter) welcoming him back to social media and losing their goddamn minds over the photo. Considering his last ‘gram was on June 3, I simply do not understand the madness. I could list 1000 people who have taken bigger breaks from social media, but regardless, the stans are EXCITED!

Seriously, they’re acting like he hasn’t posted a photo in seven years.