Zayn Malik Got A Big Ole Face Tat And Angry Teens Reckon It Ruined Him

If you’re one of those Zayn Malik fans whose love of the renegade One Direction bad boy is entirely contingent on whether or not he has a big tattoo on the side of his head, then today is not your day.
Zayn posted an Instagram photo yesterday of his face in profile, with a giant ‘MOM’ tattoo on his right cheek, surrounded by what looks like… birds? Leaves? An angel? I don’t know. It’s on the side of his head though – that much we can confirm.

Like I Would

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The pic has 763,000 likes on Facebook, so it’s safe to assume that more people enjoyed it than my last Instagram selfie, which is floating at around 30.
However, as you might imagine, many fans aren’t nearly as chuffed by Zayn’s new ink. 

We’re sorry, teens. Zayn is no longer for you. He is his own man, with his own dreams, aspirations, and big tattoos on the side of his head.

Source: Twitter

Image: Instagram