Zac Efron Now Officially Owns Property In NSW & Is Selling His LA House, So He’s Ours Now Binch

zac efron nsw property settlement

It’s official, Zac Efron has finalised settlement for a lush bush property in NSW, after forking out a couple of million for the block in December. Signed, sealed, delivered – he’s ours.

The bush block in Tomewin, which sits right on the border between Queensland and New South Wales, looks out over Mount Warning to the southwest, and features three creeks, rock waterfalls and water holes, two spring-fed dams, and trails through the rainforest across it’s huge 318 acres.

This spot is some serious lush forest energies, and is considered a ‘glen of Eden’.

Just look at this, what the fuck.

zac efron tomewin tweed valley property
[Image: Ray White Rural Tweed Valley]
I can just imagine Zac pitching a tent here (there’s no property on the block just yet), and then waking up in the morning, stretching his arms, making a coffee on a little camp stove, and remarking “Ahh, how’s the serenity???” to nobody in particular.

Then he’d go for a morning dip down here, in one of his various spring water holes. Because he can do that now. Because it’s on the land he owns. In Australia. Where he’s now properly living.

zac efron tomewin tweed valley property
[Image: Ray White Rural Tweed Valley]
Domain reported that public records now show the property has been settled in the name of Zachary Efron, and the land was bought for $2million with no mortgage, meaning the bloke just paid for it straight-up with cash. With that kind of cash lying around, Zac Efron can give me $10k, please and thank you.

While he’s now locked in his pocket of paradise about 15 clicks from the Gold Coast, Zac’s still trying to sell off his house back over in Los Angeles. The New York Post reported that he’s dropped the price on his Los Feliz house, after listing it just after Christmas last year.

Originally asking for $7.5 million AUD back in December, Zac’s now dropped the price by over $280k to $7.15 million after the house received no offers.

Now we just have to wait and see what he’s going to build on that property in the Tweed Valley and mate, do us a favour and fling me an invite to your housewarming, yeah?