Strap in folks, because a new batch of yowie evidence has emerged and it’s about high time give this under-appreciated cryptid some long-overdue coverage.

Yowie researcher Dean Harrison reckons he’s recorded footage of two nine-foot-tall yowies at the Springbrook National Park on the Gold Coast.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a cryptid sighting without almost-unviewable footage, and in this respect, Harrison delivered.

You see, this isn’t ordinary footage – it was filmed with a thermal camera, meaning our prized yowie is nothing more than an orange-red blob amid a sea of purple. Neat!

Clear-as-day evidence of two yowies hiding out near the Gold Coast. (Dean Harrison / Australian Yowie Research)

The two figures believed to be yowies were spotted by Harrison’s assistant, Buck, during an overnight research trip.

“In the footage you will see the yowies, hugging the trees in an attempt to hide themselves,” Harrison told The Courier-Mail.

“It is a very remote location, with lots of virgin scrub that feels like climbing a ladder when passing through, there were definitely no humans in the area – just yowies.”

You can peep his full analysis of the footage over on YouTube but, ah, how do I put this lightly? Let’s just say there’s a reason why we didn’t embed it here.

Harrison even went on Sunrise on Monday morning, where an enthralled Kochie grilled him about the footage.

“We were ecstatic, this was probably the best footage so far in Australia,” Harrison said.

Harrison’s group, Australian Yowie Research, has documented hundreds of sightings all over Australia.

But the evidence from many of those sightings is usually little more than a rough sketch or two. Now we have footage… sort of.

The glowing blobs speak for themselves. The truth really is out there.

Image: Australian Yowie Research