YouTuber Logan Paul Has Another Probbo Japan Vid & People Are Fkn Pissed

logan paul japan

Logan Paul, the 22-year-old American YouTube star who recently caught an avalanche of shit for uploading a video in which he finds the body of a man who died by suicide in Japan‘s Aokigahara Forest, is continuing to catch shit for his eminently shit-deserving schtick.

Along with the astonishing video in the suicide forest, Paul also uploaded a video of himself running amok in Tokyo in the most annoying way possible: making a nuisance of himself at Tsukiji Fish Market, carrying a fish and a tentacle around and mashing them against shop windows before leaving them on the back of a taxi, getting in locals’ faces, trying to ride on service vehicles, throwing Pokéballs at people (…yeah) and generally being a fucking berk.

Unsurprisingly, neither Japanese people nor the global community at large is particularly impressed by this show of entitlement and ignorance.

It shouldn’t be surprising coming from the bloke who thought it’d be cool to wear a fucking stupid joke hat into the extremely sensitive space of Aokigahara, but it’s still disappointing as hell. This bloke has 15 million subscribers. The future of entertainment is truly bleak.