YouTube users are demanding the platform remove a video posted by a young couple, titled ‘I HAD A MISCARRIAGE PRANK (EMOTIONAL)‘.

The video was posted in August, but is just now gaining attention thanks to screenshots being shared widely on Twitter.

As you might have surmised from the title, the 14-minute vid depicts one half of the YouTube couple, Vanessa, faking a miscarriage to freak out her partner, Zavi.

The ‘prank’ is made that much more disturbing by the fact that Vanessa is actually pregnant.

In the video, Vanessa sets up the camera on top of the shower rail in her bathroom, covers herself in fake blood, putting some of it in the toilet, and waits for her boyfriend to find her.

It goes pretty much as you’d expect – he freaks out. 

Vanessa, are you crying? What is wrong with you? What’s on your hands? Did you just start your period? Can you have your period while you’re pregnant? Vanessa, what’s wrong? Where is all this blood coming from? Oh my god… I’m about to call the doctor. Sit back down, that’s too much blood…

Eventually she says “I think I miscarried” and crouches down on the floor, and Zavi starts comforting her. You guys, it’s really sad and I hate it a lot.

He keeps trying to get her to go to the hospital while she says she’s embarrassed and doesn’t want to go, to which he says:

I understand the situation, like it makes me very sad… I’m actually not processing this fast enough… It’s gonna be okay. It’s okay.

Literally, what the fuck.

While Zavi is on the phone to an Uber to take them to the hospital, Vanessa finally says, “It’s a prank. Is it too soon?

I’m gonna go ahead and say, on behalf of everyone else in the world, yes. It is too soon. Any time is too soon for this particular prank.

Prank videos are a super popular genre on YouTube, for some reason, but a bunch of viewers think that this particular one is several steps too far.

According to BuzzFeed, YouTube has now removed the original thumbnail (screenshotted above) and age restricted the video. That’s unlikely to make any of the people who’ve seen it feel much better though. Many women miscarry, and it’s often a source of real grief and trauma. Although YouTubers have never been the pinnacle of sensitivity, this shit is pretty much beyond belief, and I just… I got nothing any more. Fucken hell.

Source: BuzzFeed