‘YourTaxis’ Continues To Dig Its Own Grave, Piggybacks Off Remembrance Day

Hey, YourTaxis: DIG UP. UPPPPPP.

ICYMI the Victorian taxi organisation is currently in a state of social media triage, after their Twitter hashtag #YourTaxi – which encouraged people to “tell your taxi story” – backfired in spectacular fashion.

Accounts of filthy cabs, fare hikes, toerag drivers who dished out verbal and physical abusive and more flooded the interweb, making for an a pretty disturbing portrait. 
Because DAMAGE CONTROL, YourTaxis tried to sell the whole disaster as an exercise in customer feedback – as in, they purposely wanted to be given a lashing by everyone in Australia who’s had a shitty cab experience i.e. everyone in the name of *self-improvement*.

We really thought that would be the end of it, TBQH, because why shit where you eat. WHY.

Then this happened:
Whoever is running the Twitter account for YourTaxis thought it would be a solid idea to piggyback off a day of national mourning; so, while the country stopped to remember those who died for civil liberties, these guys were busy making it about their good will.
Needless to say that tweet copped and barrage of abuse, and was later deleted.

Then came a statement apologising “unreservedly” for the gross tweet, while heaping the blame on an “external supplier” who conveniently tweets for them on this, an occasion when they’ve made a giant boo-boo.

Here’s the statement in full: 
We know what you’re thinking: ENOUGH NOW. LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE.
No. Not enough.

Lead image via Sky News.