You’re Invited To An Evening with Jameson

Dear James (or friend of James) would you like to join us for a Jameson?

You’re invited to a Jameson tasting on the evening of Tuesday the 6th of December 6:30pm – 8:30pm upstairs at the Norfolk Hotel in Surry Hills. Promising to be both easygoing and educational, there is probably no better way to imbibe the world’s number one Irish Whiskey.

Did you know the Jameson crest and motto “Sine Metu” (meaning without fear) was awarded to the family following their bravery fighting pirates in the 1500s? If Whiskey education is on your list of “things to do before I die” or you can’t say no to a free drink then simply RSVP here for you and your significant James. But hurry places are limited.

Jameson + you = more fun than pirate fighting.

Enjoy responsibly.