Victorian taxi organisation YourTaxis is currently in social media triage, after their Twitter hashtag #YourTaxi – which earnestly encouraged people to “tell your taxi story” – backfired spectacularly.

And do you know how this happened, dear reader? Because people are ~ actually ~ telling their taxi stories, that’s how. Like, what did YourTaxis think was going to happen? Because unless we’re much mistaken and one of you legit gave birth in a taxi and didn’t get charged for the clean-up, the *only* taxi stories worth telling are the shit ones.
Like this one, from a dude who got an absolute toerag of a driver:

Or this one, from a guy who had a sick animal, you monsters:

Or this one, where the driver must have moved to Melbourne, like, yesterday: 

Or this one, told by a dude who made us want to simultaneously throw up in our mouths and also applaud him for accurately describing the stench unique to rancid cabs:

Or this terrifying tale of a BRUSH WITH DEATH:

And finally, this one, which pretty much summed up the whole lot of it: 

In the history of colossal social media fuck-ups, this one’s up there with the hijacking of E.L. James‘ Twitter Q&A and that #Susanalbumparty monster of a cock-up.

YourTaxis’ Twitter feed is now almost entirely a wall of damage control, plus their rampant insistence that the billion tons of fire coming their way is ‘all part of the conversation’. (Check it: @YourTaxis.) They’re putting their stock-standard response to criticism to good use, that’s for sure.

Taxi organisations of Australia: if you were wondering why Uber is so effectively disrupting a centuries-old industry – this is it.

Images: YourTaxis’ Twitter.