At the risk of showing you a bit too much behind the curtain here at PEDESTRIAN.TV, we feel we’ve gotta come clean and be upfront about this.
We choose our article subjects based on stuff that’s gonna get read, viewed, or otherwise clicked in any way. Most of the time, the bulk of it in fact, we pick the subject matter based on stuff we think or (after many hours painstakingly poring over the analytics) stuff we know you guys are gonna like. Stuff you’ll love. Stuff you’ll go absolutely bananas over.
But sometimes, every once in a while, we write about something purely because we know it’s going to drive you all mad, and we kinda want to sit back and watch the comments section tear itself apart.
We’re not proud of enjoying every second of watching that happen. But it is what it is.
To wit, we bring you this little spritz of bile.
Your ~absolute favourite~ Australian actor-cum-singer-cum-actor-cum-reality TV judge Delta Goodrem has just scored herself a brand new gig.
The 32-year-old has officially signed on to take the lead role of Olivia Newton-John in an upcoming biographical miniseries about the ‘Grease‘ legend’s life on Channel Seven.
The miniseries, which is set to start shooting next week ahead of a planned air date in 2017, focuses on Newton-John’s upbringing and career, from her humble beginnings in South Yarra to worldwide stardom.

“Celebrating how a nice girl can finish first, the story of Olivia Newton-John charts her trailblazing personal, musical and uniquely female journey through one of the world’s toughest industries.”

Goodrem only reportedly signed on to play the role once she gained the blessing of her good friend Newton-John. It’s believed that if Newton-John had not okayed the casting, Goodrem would not have taken it up.

The miniseries on Seven is one of three major biographical projects the network will air next year, with planned specials focusing on Paul Hogan and even Shane Bloody Warne set to hit screens over the next twelve months.
It’s gonna be a busy year on the teev for “our” Delts, with a guest spot on the new season of ‘House Husbands‘ in the works, as well as a return to her regular mentoring role on ‘The Voice.’
This is all information that you are now aware of; it can’t be un-read. If it’s evoked strong feelings in you one way or the other, we kindly draw your attention to that open text box just below.
Now then, if you’ll excuse us momentarily…

Source: Herald Sun.
Photo: Graham Denholm/Getty.