Young Cow Wanders Into Cop Shop After Hearing About Grass In Evidence Room

A confused lil’ cow wandered into the Batemans Bay Police Station last week, walking straight through the front door and into the foyer.

The black and white steer showed up around 9:30AM on Saturday after pushing through the front door of a horse float it was traveling on. New South Wales Police’s rural crime Facebook said the cow proceeded to run straight into the busy business district streets of Batemans Bay, causing traffic chaos.

Rural Crime Investigators happened to be nearby, probably investigating something far less cow-related, and helped shuffle the Belted Galloway cow back on the trailer uninjured. The owner was apparently “a little embarrassed” but thankful all the same for the assistance.

While we as humans can only assume the cow was confused, it is clear to all that it was actually attempting to escape. What cruel tragedy that upon successfully struggling free of its enclosure the cow walked into possibly the worst location short of an actual butcher. Shakespeare eat your heart out.