You Can Now Send Dirty, Sexy Snapchat Selfies From Your Mac

Shameless, sexually frustrated exhibitionists with nothing to lose and everything to gain from the right angle, lighting and Photo Booth effect will doubtless be glad to hear that you can now send sexy Snapchat selfies from the comfort of your office desktop, provided you have a Mac and no intention of ever seeing your coworkers ever again. Or from any Mac for that matter.

According to Mashable, a new unofficial Snapchat client currently in the beta testing phase and called Snapped For Mac enables users of the popular iOS app with no scruples and an insatiable desire to remind their friends what they look like, if only for a wonderful fleeting moment, to send photographs from the internal camera of your Mac or your depthless iPhoto archives – and “all without [the added inconvenience] having to grab your phone”. Genius. 
Developed by two University of California students and soon to be made available to purchase on the App Store, Snapped For Mac touts a few notable “features that the iOS client doesn’t”, including: “You can mark ‘snaps’ that you send and quickly regret as read!” and, perhaps most unnerving, “You have the option to never mark ‘snaps’ that were sent to you as read so you can keep [your exes’ artfully rendered genital self-portraits] forever!” 
Download now, make questionable life choices later.