You Can Now Play ‘Guess Wu?’, A Wu-Tang Clan Twist On The Board Game

There’s no end to the number of fanfuckingtastic board games: Operation, Monopoly, Cluedo, Game of Life, Mousetrap, Trouble – the list goes on.
But suffice to say none can top the greatness that is ‘Guess Wu?‘ which, gloriously, is exactly the same as the classic ‘Guess Who?‘, only with Wu-Tang Clan members and affiliates replacing randoms called Anita and George

As conceived by the brilliant folks over at Noisey, the rules of ‘Guess Wu?’ are same same but different: each of the two players selects one member of the Clan (and its extended family), then each takes turn asking one Wu-related question to narrow the search.

As with the original, go with the easiest identifiers first. e.g. Is your rapper wearing a flat-brim?
No? Flip down 4th Disciple, Cappadonna, Killah Priest, Shyheim, U-God, Nas, Method Man, and Trife Da God.
So on and so on until there’s only one Wu-Tang weft. 
Until someone inevitably starts a Kickstarter to get this epic board game produced, you’ll have to print out the below picture board, cutting out each rapper and taping him/her (hey, Tekitha) over the likes of Maria and Charles.
~ ENJOY ~ 
Images via Dan Evans/Noisey.