You Can Look As Walter White As You Feel W/ These Limited Edition Kicks

Breaking Badwas an excellent show for a tonne of reasons, but it largely stood out from the crowd because of the immediate iconic status of its protagonist, Walter White. Part scientific genius, part gangster sleuth, White served as a timeless and unique character – largely due to his unforgettable look. Who knew a bald head and a yellow puffy suit could be so hot?

Another consistently strong element of White’s aesthetic were his shoes, which remained the same for pretty much the entirety of the show’s five-season run – and now, you too can have them, except they’re so much more badass that they’d even give Heisenberg a run for his money. 
White’s kicks of choice were Clarks Wallabees – a relatively daggy choice of footwear that saw a huge resurgence in sales after the popularity of ‘BB’. 

Y’know, these familiar fellas.

Clarks have teamed up with very ~kewl~ American-based retail company BAIT to revamp the Wallabees; all the while serving as a testament to the legend of Walter White. The shoes will have a limited edition release, and come in two colours that pay homage to the show – “Blue Sky” obviously refers to White’s infamous blue meth, and “Felina” is a deep, dusty red that alludes to the final gunshot scene in the series. 
The shoes are fucking schmick, and while they’re only being physically sold in the States, you can enter the raffle to snap ’em up here at BAIT’s online store from this Friday. While I really hope you don’t go full Heisenberg (no one’s condoning any mass drug deals taking place), these shoes will finally let you look as badass as your soul feels. 

Source / Photo: Hypebeast.