Considering that mine is kept in a drawer somewhere (not even sure which drawer) and either only sees the light of day when I’m moving house or need to sign up for something intimidatingly official, I have never been too stressed about how exciting or unexciting my birth certificate looks.

Until now, that is. Now that I know getting an official North Queensland Cowboys birth certificate is on the table for me, an adult man and (more importantly) a Queenslander, how could I possibly look at my regular old birth certificate with anything except disgust?

For those of you who are not Cowboys supporters (which is baffling to me, but whatever), the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages is offering birth certificates themed to all 16 NRL teams – including all the bad ones.

You Can Get Your NRL-Loving Mitts On A Your-Team-Themed Birth Certificate

For the low, low price of $77, you get yourself a standard, non-NRL birth certificate and a fancy pants commemorative one. Don’t think this is limited to newborns either, you can be any age, you just have to have been born in NSW

“As long as the person is born in NSW, then they can be of any age and are eligible to apply for the NRL Commemorative Birth Certificate Package.”

You can also buy them as gifts, also the website seems to indicate this miiight not be worth the effort:

“Can I get one for a friend, as a present?

“You would complete and attach the ‘Letter of Authority giving permission to apply’ plus 3 forms of identification for yourself and 3 forms of identity for your friend. Otherwise, you could just give them an Application form along with $77.”

You can check these out here.

Source and photo: NSW Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages.