You Can Get Pink-Only Bags Of Starburst In The US & We’re Fkn Greeeen

Much like the choccies in a Cadbury Favourites, the different flavours of Zooper Doopers and the members of One Direction, there is an inarguable hierarchy of superiority when it comes to Starburst fruit chews, of which pink is the rightful champion.
If I really must elaborate, the exact breakdown (and corresponding One Directioner) goes as follows:
  • Pink – Harry
  • Red – Zayn
  • Orange – Louis
  • Yellow – Niall
  • The inedible plastic packaging – Liam
That’s it, done, final. There will be no discussions to the contrary, nor apologies given to Liam fans.
Whilst makers of the aforementioned treats rarely come out and admit that their products have definite rankings, let alone have the guts to concede that lemon-flavoured lollies are a God damn offence to mankind, Starburst have at least agreed that pink reigns supreme, by releasing a special edition of the chews entirely populated by dem delicious pink squares.
At the moment it appears the special pinks-only edition of Starburst will only be available from April in the States, and at this early stage, exclusively given out to ~influencers~, because this is 2017:

Yep, once again our fair country is being snubbed. SNUBBED I TELLS YOU!

We’ll keep you informed if these babies make their way down under. Oh and Starbucks, if you’re reading this, I have over 1000 followers on Instagram and zero shame when it comes to selling out. HMU.
Picture: Starburst