Artist Jesse Willesee – whose father is veteran TV journalist Terry Willesee, pictured below – who you may remember from such arts asMARAJUANA IS NOT A CRIME PROTEST’ and ‘SMOKING BLUNTS IN FRONT OF PARLIAMENT 420 PROTEST’, invites everyone to join him in patronising the arts.

Big Willesee.
This “risqué performance art piece” will see Lil’ Willesee SMOKE MARIJUANA LIVE on the steps of Sydney Town Hall in front of an audience of photographers at exactly 4.20pm on April 20.”

He said of the protest: “I will be smoking weed as a protest but I do not encourage others to do the same. The Town Hall steps are 100 metres from a police station, so until we can change these outdated laws, it’s best to keep your protest symbolic. I’m willing to stand up for what I believe in and if that means the police turn up, that is something I will have to regretfully but peacefully accept.”

In all seriousness, , Jesse uses marijuana medicinally to help treat his ADD and ADHD since traditional medications were not getting him anywhere, and now staunchly believes that “marijuana is not a crime and the law must catch up.” He continued: “Not just for those who need and use this drug medicinally, but for normal, respectable, every day Aussie citizens whose use of marijuana unfairly makes them criminals in the eyes of the law.”

You can head down there to join your fellow Australijuanas 4/20/2015 or follow the whole thing via #weedisnotacrime.

Title image by Jérôme Lafforgue. 

According to our readers, who we trust with our lives, we got the wrong Big Willesee in the photos. We apologise but also are leaving them because it took ‘valuable’ time to smudge tool them.