YO STRETCH: Study Finds Tall People Are More Likely To Be Conservative

There are usually some pretty good predictors of someone’s political ideology: their family wealth, their religiosity, how racist they are – but it turns there’s another much easier predictor of whether or not someone is conservative: their height.
A study published in the British Journal of Political Science has found that tall people are more likely to have conservative tendencies than their more diminutive counterparts.
The study’s authors, Dr Sara Watson and Raj Arunachalam, used data from a 2006 survey to compare the heights and political opinions of 10,000 people and found that, if you compared two people, men were 0.8% more likely to be right-wing for every inch they were taller than the other. Women, interestingly, were only 0.4% more likely per inch.
Dr Watson says they chose height to check because it turns out there is also a similar relationship between height and income, and other studies have found a relationship between income and level of conservatism:
“The reason we focused our attention on height is precisely because height is a strong predictor of income – and many social scientists, including economists and anthropologists, believe that this relationship is at least partly causal.

“So we do think there is a causal relationship between height and voting which operates through income.”

Keep a wary eye on baseball teams if you don’t want to get stuck in a weird conservation about welfare.

Source: SMH.