Yikes, A Robot Blew Up A Sus Package During Opening Ceremony Rehearsals

It’s one issue after another in the days leading up to the Olympic Games in Rio.
Fresh off reports that Aussie athletes were robbed as they evacuated the Olympic Village following a fire in the building’s basement comes news that an explosion has occurred inside the Maracanã Stadium, just days before it hosts the opening ceremony.
Security sent in a robot to investigate a suspicious toolbox that was discovered during rehearsals for the main event, and it’s at that point a “controlled explosion” – presumably to demolish the toolbox – took place.
“There was definitely an explosion after the robot went in,” a Channel Seven spokesman confirmed. 
No injuries were reported, thankfully, but something of that nature is bound to make officials sweat as world leaders and dignitaries start to arrive ahead of the opening ceremony on Friday.
Get your shite together, Rio.
Source: Courier Mail.
Photo: Getty / Matthew Stockman.